Monday, February 11, 2008

Losing Weight book - Chapter on Exercise

Exercise - "Not"

Almost anyone will admit that exercise makes sense. There’s a built-in intuition that exercise is a healthy thing. The people that don’t do it have convinced themselves; that it’s too hard, no fun, they don’t have time, and on, and on, and on. Combining exercise with losing weight is highly recommended because you combine burning more calories with an increase in your metabolism, along with reduced calorie intake. This is a winning combination. If you believe, but don’t want to go for the conventional exercise program, here are a few ideas to try.
Tip - Look for ways to do things the "hard way". The following list of ways to burn extra calories will go a long way toward fulfilling your “exercise” quota without doing any formal exercise. – Put on your socks and shoes while standing on one foot (One leg tie) - Always Take the Steps - Carry someone's bags - Push someone's car - "Do it the hard way! - Hike the Terminal - Jog the Parking Lot - Walk a Bit Faster (Check out my book: Exercise -- For Life!).

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