Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running the Pikes Peak Ascent - August 2009

Pikes Peak in background! My brother Doyle and my daughter Traci were registered to run the Pikes Peak Ascent (13.3 miles and 7,800 feet elevation gain) and I volunteered to "pace" them.

That's the Garden of the Gods rock formations in the sunlight.

The "start" in front of the police station in Manitou Springs.

Traci and I were both apprehensive about our condition for the climb.

This was "Ascent" day (August 15).

There's brother Doyle with the famous Manitou Incline rail bed in the background. The tracks are gone now and lots of runners climb it for training.

Traci with one of the old Pikes Peak Cog Train steam locomotives. They still have one that runs and they run it up the Peak occasionally.

A good view of the peak on the way to Barr Camp. Doyle with Traci behind.

Water and aid station area around The A-Frame

A-Frame at treeline

Monument to Augustine Roberts who died on her 14th ascent at age 88.

Traci - Looking south toward one of the Pikes Peak South Slope watershed reservoirs.

About a mile from the top, this group was serving cold PBR's. Traci tried a sip and we moved on. Very nice and a fun stop!

Traci crosses the line in 5:34 while I duck off the course since I ran "bandit". I would have registered but I thought I'd be out of town on the race date.

Doyle, Traci, and MegaMel on top of the Peak. We had a wonderful time!

Here's Mark (Aimee's husband), MegaMel, Doyle, Traci (my daughter), Aimee (Doyle's daughter), and Peyton (Doyle's grand-daughter).

We spent a little time in the visitor's center eating some 14,000 foot home-made donuts.

Here's the YouTube video I did on "How To Climb a 14'er (14,000 foot peak)"!
Click on the Play arrow to watch it.

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