Monday, February 11, 2008

Losing Weight book - Chapter on Exercise

Exercise - "Not"

Almost anyone will admit that exercise makes sense. There’s a built-in intuition that exercise is a healthy thing. The people that don’t do it have convinced themselves; that it’s too hard, no fun, they don’t have time, and on, and on, and on. Combining exercise with losing weight is highly recommended because you combine burning more calories with an increase in your metabolism, along with reduced calorie intake. This is a winning combination. If you believe, but don’t want to go for the conventional exercise program, here are a few ideas to try.
Tip - Look for ways to do things the "hard way". The following list of ways to burn extra calories will go a long way toward fulfilling your “exercise” quota without doing any formal exercise. – Put on your socks and shoes while standing on one foot (One leg tie) - Always Take the Steps - Carry someone's bags - Push someone's car - "Do it the hard way! - Hike the Terminal - Jog the Parking Lot - Walk a Bit Faster (Check out my book: Exercise -- For Life!).

Training for Mt. Kilimanjaro

Pikes Peak Cog Train steam engine on display at the Manitou station. The train started operation in 1890 providing an exciting way to journey to the top of Pikes Peak. If you haven't visited Colorado Springs, you should add it to your list of places to see.

See the history of The Cog at:

The Barr Trail starts alongside the train station and zig-zags it's way to the 14,115 foot summit. I've been on the trail a bunch when I've been training to run the Pikes Peak Marathon, but lately I've been using it to get in shape for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Sandie and I are leaving tomorrow morning to fly into Nairobi, Kenya and then continuing to the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania.

Looking up from the Cog station at the rock formations, Gog and Magog.

The Cog station!

Three miles up the trail

It's about 8.5 miles to the summit from here and this point is about 2,000 feet above the trailhead.

About five miles up the trail you get a nice look at the summit. The trail switchbacks up the face directly behind me.

It was plenty cold on the trail a couple of weeks ago but I took a lunch break here and felt very comfortable relaxing in the sun.

About half way to the summit sits Barr Camp. A wonderful respite from the rigors of the trail. Hikers can stop for a snack or spend the night here. Since I didn't it make up here in the past few weeks, due to the deep snow, I'm adding this Pic from one of the Pikes Peak Ascent races that my brother Doyle and I have run.

Here we are at the top with our finisher medals around our necks. The race is 13.3 miles and covers 7,800 feet of altitude gain. It feels very good when it's over.