Saturday, September 10, 2011

MegaMel's Two Week Dirtbike Trip - Four Corners

I met Steve Lindberg and his buddy Stan from CA in Ouray for four days of Dual-Sport riding. We met on Monday afternoon and rode up to Yankee Boy Basin at 3:30 and came back to the 4J Campground at 7:30. Riding up to 12,000 feet and enjoying the awesome views was great.

Mt. Sneffels is a fun 14'er that I climbed with Don Zobel.

Fun trail in background.

Around 12,000 feet.

Steve with his 2011 Husky.

On the way to Red Pass.

Stan with his Husky.

All the roads were fun.

High mountain lakes always look nice.

We rode over seven passes above 12,000 feet.

There are abandoned mines everywhere.

Lot's of roads to explore.

I think this is a UFO engine.

Stay away from the edge.

Alpine Loop goes to Lake City.

Our most exciting day. Riding Black Bear Pass to Telluride. It's only open to one-way traffic to Telluride.

Steve and Stan on Black Bear.

Telluride below and we rode in a thunder-storm after the most difficult rock slabs section.

Hydro Electric power plant above Telluride. 

Looking up at the Black Bear road from Telluride. The road come over the saddle and switch-backs down the face to the right.

Highest pass we rode. We rode this back to Ouray from Telluride.

Drive machinery from a gondola.

End of the Dual-Sport Ride and Steve and Stan headed for home.

After four days in Ouray, I drove to Mancos and headed ten miles north and camped in a nice meadow (free) about a mile north of Transfer Campground. Tom Petty, Ed Gulczynski, and Ed Johnson met me here. On Saturday morning, Dave Kemper, Mike Niswonger, Wayne Fricke, and Steve Vanatta came over from their hotel in Delores to ride with us. Most of us struggled to make this switch-back and ride the step.

Ed G. thought about riding his bike all day without motor oil but reconsidered Mid-day. All the 4-stroke riders contributed 4 - 6 Oz. of oil each to get him back to camp.

Wayne pours in a few ounces.

Wayne crossed the Mancos. Last year it was too high to cross.

The Box Canyon trail includes steep, tough switch-backs.

Mt. Hesperus is a 13,er. After three days of riding we moved to north of Chimney Rock.

Tom, Ed G., Ed J, and Mel.

Chimney Rock, an interesting Anazazi site.

Riding up thru the woods to this "dead-end" was fun.

Here's the trail we rode up on.

This trail ended due to a landslide. The original trail was a wide bull-dozed logging road. I hiked across the slide area and took this Pic.

Here's the view from where the old road takes off again.

Last day! Tom and Ed G. both needed some bike maintenance. A wonderful five day's of dirt-biking!