Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mel and Sandie Ride the V-Strom to Panama - 2010

Sandie and Mel enjoy the sunrise while loading the V-Strom.
Sandie and I each packed this volume of clothes.

Ready to roll on to Brownsville where we'll start the ride.

After riding four days down the east coast of Mexico with a fun night in Veracruz, we crossed into Guatemala and quickly climbed to 10,000 feet. It was nice after the warm riding along the coasts. We went through Tapachula to get into Guatemala.

Active volcano!

Antigua, Guatemala is wonderful!

Boat going into the Panama Canal!

Parking inside the shopping mall at our hotel entrance!

It was nice and cool in the mountains of Panama!

We did several hikes in National Parks. Great!

Mountains of coffee beans!

I just can't enough of flowers! I was in a bit of trouble for not walking through here.

We loved camping at this Beach in Panama.

Sugar cane juice! Delicious! Pressed with machine in truck.

Another beach in Panama! We stayed in rooms! Too hot to camp!

Kansas eye doctors giving away 2,000 pairs of glasses!

Traci was only seven months pregnant so she decided to spend a week with us in Panama City. We had a wonderful week together.

Ferry to Tobaga Island!

Panama City!

Mountain town in extinct volcano!

Sandie and I stayed here on the way to Panama City and we took Traci for some beach time.

The Gamboa Rain Forest!

Another hike! Oleoducto Trail! Oil pipeline!

They are building a 3rd set of locks on the Panama Canal to accomodate the Panamax Boats.

We loved visiting a native village! Ebera?

The border crossings were stressful in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. I didn't bring my title (very important) and the so called "border helpers" lied, cheated, and got about $250 from us. Traci brought our title to Panama and the trip north was a breeze.

We loved Nicaragua!

We were heading for Copan Ruinas (Mayan ruin) in Honduras and stopped at a hotel with armed guard. It seemed like every business in town had one. I'm sure it's safe!

This saltwater pool at our hotel was fun!

Chichicastenango is the most famous market town in Guatemala and there were some very impressive religious parades going on. Fun!

Back in Antigua, Guatemala!

Hiking to Pacaya volcano was great! It blew up a couple of months later and killed some people.
Maybe a bit dangerous?

Oaxaca - Highly reccomended!

I hope you can figure out what to do here!

This creek crossing was no problem for the V-Strom!

"OK, this stuff wasn't here last night. How do I get out of here?"

Lamb tacos! Great trip!