Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beutiful Beulah Dirtbike Weekend - 9/09

B.C. kicks off this years Beulah dirtbike ride with some plasma cutting on Aaron's ramp.

Cisneros trailhead roundup! What's with the "Green Bike" Harry?

On top of Cisneros (11K feet elevation) and sideways blowing snow. "What are we doing here?"

You can see the snow blowing in this Pic.

Tom puts on gear!

Break on Pole Creek Trl.

Lunch break!

Bryan, just getting up after sliding into a tree!

B.C. and Aaron!

Nice camp!

Old engines!

Second day ride! The hard stuff is behind!

Silver Circle and Oak Ridge trails!

High above Beulah lunch stop!

"Hero Boy" - Roman!

Ed ("Jr.") voted to keep going past the gate based on how the tough the trail was that we'd just come down, but we turned around here.

B.C. and his new 7MM. It kicks!

We laid out some firepower!

Steve and Harry!

Mel, Steve V. and Aaron tackle St. Charles Trail!

Pikes Peak from on top of St. Chas. peak!

Aaron on snack break!

Mel almost to the Cisneros! Steve V. photo

Aaron starts on a flat repair! A beautiful lunch spot!

Lake San Isabel with Aspens turning!

After riding St. Charles, Aaron still has energy for firewood cutting!

Steve L. Terri, and Mel hike to the St. Charles river below Joi's cabin!

This part of trail has a "nice" drop-off on the left!

A beautiful day at the river!

The Greenhorn Mountains from Bryan's cabin!

Bryan's composting outhouse! Very comfortable inside!

Tom's well drilling crew, ready for work!

Within about 30 minutes, these guys were set-up and drilling! It's loud and dusty!

After the first 40 feet, they attach this "blow-out" pipe to get the dust away from them!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the good times and we can't wait for next years ride.

While not part of the Beulah ride, the day after I got home, Tom and I rode to Mexico for lunch. At least it was authentic enough to be in Mexico.