Sunday, January 20, 2008

MegaMel and Sandie's Nova Scotia Trip

We have a few friends that had taken a trip to Nova Scotia and it seemed like it might be a fun place to visit. I read about a trip all the way around the Gaspe Peninsula (look it up) by motorcycle and that intrigued me as well. We left Colorado Springs in early summer with our MoHo, a 21' sea kayak, a DR650 motorcycle, and two mountain-bikes. The drive around Lake Superior was quite nice. This was our campsite in Montreal. Actually, camping in a construction parking lot worked really well. We were blocks from the "old town" and miles of nice bicycling trails. Don't plan on speaking English.

Quebec city is about as cool a place as we ever been. Very romantic! We parked the MoHo across the river (Free camping!) and rode the ferry over for site-seeing.

One of the thousand picturesque villages along the way. A great campsite until morning when some guys from the town came up and posted the "No Camping" sign in front of the MoHo. Oh well!

Sure, there are many, many lighthouses to check out. We did lots of day-trips on the DR650. Fun!

No one told me how dangerous it is on Prince Edward Island. Mosquitoes!

We rounded the Gaspe, headed south thru New Brunswick, crossed the biiiiigggg bridge to Prince Edward Island, and headed on down to Nova Scotia.

Yes! The Cabot Trail! We'd received post cards from friends showing this place. Some great hiking and a chance to try and outrun some big moose.

Going for a hike!

We left the MoHo in good hands in Nova Scotia and hopped a ferry to Newfoundland (emphasis on found) Land. It was little tight on the DR650 with Sandie and I along with all our luggage (see the duffel-bag) doing a six day trip.

At the top of Newfoundland we jumped on another ferry to see Labrador. This is Red Cove, the site of the first commercial operation in North America (a whaling business).

Famous Peggy's Cove. Everyone must go here while in Nova Scotia. A bit foggy/ wet.

Hangin' at Peggy's Cove!

Mt. Washington! We rode the motorcycle up in fog as thick as "whatsyacallit" and enjoyed seeing the steam train bring tourists up. We did a hike on the way back down and got caught in a nasty thunderstorm (lots of water).

Paddling the kayak at Laconia!

I always thought of Watkins Glen as a racetrack but we found out it's a cool place to hike.

The MoHo broke down in New York and we camped for a week in the parking lot of a Ford dealer waiting for repairs.

We had a nice week, hiking, biking, and site-seeing.

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